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Created by a Registered Dietitian, Clinical Pharmacist, and Physician, this online course is designed to help you understand diabetes and meal planning. Through a fun-packed approach, these videos help you navigate the most common obstacles that people with diabetes face. They also teach you how to overcome them and achieve your health goals. This course will give you a foundation of nutrition knowledge for diabetes, and how YOU can build meal plans for YOUR lifestyle!

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What You Will Learn?

  • Introduction to diabetes u0026amp; blood glucose goals
  • Identify common emotions that are associated with living with diabetes
  • Know the most common complications of diabetes and how to prevent them
  • Discover the effect of different foods on blood glucose levels
  • Spot common misconceptions and challenges when creating a healthy meal plan
  • Understand the key elements of the Diabetes Plate Method
  • Learn portion sizes of different food groups you need in your daily meals
  • Learn how to split your food requirements for the day into meals and snacks
  • Learn how to utilize the Diabetes Plate Method to create a meal based on your palette
  • Identify simple swaps to increase the nutritional value of your daily diet
  • Create an outline of a meal plan based on your individual preferences and health goals 
  • Evaluate your meal plan to see if it’s working to achieve your health goals and identify changes to improve if needed
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Your Personalized Guide to Meal Planning Right!

Who is this Course for?

– For anyone with diabetes interested in learning more about meal planning
– For anyone who wants to learn on their own, at their own pace, and wants to consult a dietitian 1-on-1 for personalized coaching

What You Will Get?

8 Learn-at-your-pace Educational Videos 
45-mins 1-on-1 Session with Our Dietitian